voice over, audio post-production and voice-recording services

Foreign Voices, now part of The Voiceover Gallery, has more than 25 years experience in the localisation industry. Our core services are localisation, translation and voice over, subtitling and audio description.

Our core services are script translation, voice over, sound studio and subtitling. We’re what you get if you cross a voice over agency with a translation company and give it a facilities house to live in. There’s no such thing as a typical day in the studios and you would be just as likely to find us voicing animation in Japanese, a corporate for Range Rover in French or a public sector health education video in Hindi.

We represent over 700 voices worldwide, many of whom are based right here in London but most of whom work with us via ISDN from abroad. We’ve set the site up to make it for easy for you to access the information you need and download voice samples by sex and language. Request a call back and we’ll be happy to respond with friendly advice and some refreshingly good value costs for your current project.

For more information on our services please call us on 020 7987 0951 or request a quotation.