about us

We have a comprehensive understanding of the localisation industry and the complexities of multi-language projects.  With three London recording studios,  we offer companies a flexible and friendly service . Call us today and see how we are different.

Marylou Thistleton-Smith

managing director

[email protected]

Marylou heads up our friendly team from the London voice over studios in Farringdon. Marylou looks after all elements of the agency and specialises in seeking out foreign voices in all major languages.

John Hebden

marketing director

[email protected]

John joins our friendly team in Manchester and is an expert on digital media, online video, social media and all things new media. He’s well connected in the Manchester media scene and keeps busy bringing in new business..

Laura Clarke

voice agent manchester

[email protected]

Laura is a key member of Manchester Office and runs the show there. She has a range of experience and can help you with any project; no matter how big or small so feel free to get in touch for information on English or foreign casting and costs!

Simone Nylander

voice agent london

[email protected] (Mon-Thurs)

Simone is an experienced project manager and voiceover agent on high profile campaigns, working closely with clients and voice artists in and out of the studio. Simone’s true passion lies in casting talent and she continues to nurture relationships with talent and agents, to make sure she get you the right voice . Simone also heads up the office in London and is your first port of call for questions about casting and costings.

Francesca Marzola

voice agent london

[email protected]

Francesca is a dubbing specialist and joins The Voiceover Gallery with huge experience in the fields of translation, script editing, dubbing and project management. Francesca will focus mainly on our foreign-language work, so please feel free to contact her if you have any questions.

Jenny Hamilton

voice agent manchester

[email protected] (Tues-Fri 9.00-4.00)

Jenny joins us with bags of media experience from a fair few years at ITV. Jenny is talented at being able to smile through any stressful situation, so get in touch if you need helping out of a voiceover pickle, or even just to say hi!

Bastian Kemmerich

sound engineer london

[email protected]

Bastian is our in-house engineer responsible for the smooth operation of the London voice over studios. He’s hugely experienced in all areas of sound recording including foreign language dubbing and lip sync animation.

Mikosh Nansi

sound engineer london

[email protected]

Mikosh is mad about all things audio and has worked in audio post since completing his BSc in Live and Studio Sound Engineering in 2012. He is our second Sound Engineer at our London location and primarily works in Studio B but when required can work from Studio A. If you need a hand with anything, Mikosh is your man!

Chris Power

sound engineer manchester

[email protected]

Chris heads up the Manchester studios and will be happy to welcome you. Chris is a mine of technical information and on hand to answer any queries. Both Studios 1 and 2 can be hooked up to the London sound studios via ISDN,  so he can help you with complex projects with voice over actors in several locations.

Charlotte Clarke


[email protected]

Charlotte is our friendly apprentice who can help put you in touch with the right person.  She loves the voice over business and is fast becoming an irreplacable asset to the team.

For more information please call us on 020 7987 0951 or request a callback.