audio description

Audio description is a track added to visual media for those who are blind and visually impaired- this is used across the media spectrum from film and television to theatre and visual art.

The narrator becomes the guide of the action describing what is occurring in the original audio track, most commonly during the pauses and where needed, layered over the dialogue.

AD (Audio Description) is used on a separate track in the United Kingdom on Digital Terrestrial TV so that the volume can be adjusted separately- through cable and satellite television. Audio Description can simply be selected though the menus on the set top box- this is normally pre-mixed. For theatrical presentations, the user is usually supplied with a wireless headset to listen to the narration using various systems.

We strongly believe in making all media as accessible as possible for everyone and our passion is reflected in the quality of our work and this is never clearer than through Audio Description, as the narrator delicately paints the visual picture identifying facial expression, body language, costume and scenery.

We offer Audio Description for all your needs, with minimal stress, for any size or scale of project and at highly competitive prices.