Localisation is the reversioning of programming from one language to another.

We’ve discussed the components (voice over, translation and subtitling) elsewhere on the site. The information on this page gives you an idea of the resources that we have available to help with major reversioning projects such as animation and broadcast series or multi-language corporate e-learning where the volume requires weeks of studio time back to back.

International studio network
Foreign Voices works with a partner network of studios in 14 countries. The studios are all independently owned and competitively priced. All are linked by ISDN or able to provide facilities for voice producing by remote link.

Fast turnaround and consistency across versions
We are able to provide teams of voices in each territory enabling your language versions to be produced simultaneously with obvious delivery benefits. Sound levels and quality are monitored centrally for consistency ensuring that all versions sound as if they were recorded in the same space.

Experienced language directors
Whether it’s broadcast, animation, computer games or corporate work, all voice overs recorded in our partner studios can be directed by language directors that we know and trust. This is your guarantee of quality and an assurance that the voice over artists are all professionally produced.

Working out of our London studios you are able to hook into the network via ISDN to produce from London. Perfect for multi-voice projects that need talent from several locations this facility is easy to set up and surprisingly affordable.

For more information on our translation services please call us on 020 7517 3550 or request a callback.