We offer creative well researched translations for all areas of the media industry.

Script translation
Concise and timed to fit; translated by our regular team of tried and trusted professionals.

Audio translation
Interviews, documentary footage, market research translated from digital footage or tape and returned laid out in two columns with the original language transcription on the left and the corresponding English on the right. Timecodes are inserted at short intervals to make life easy in the edit suite. Clients using this service regularly put their mpegs for translation on their FTP site for direct download by our translators, saving time and money as it avoids the need for tape duplication and couriers.

Language help in the edit suite
We are happy to send our translators or voices to help you in your edit. Bookable by the half or full day they are experienced at working with editors to ensure your foreign language footage and on screen captions appear on screen correctly.

Copywriting for advertising agencies
We are specialists in the translation of commercials, storyboard research and back translation into English where the agency has a requirement to check the accuracy of translations that have been done in market.

“Foreign Voices provide us with a complete service from initial research translation through to the casting and recording of voices for market testing prior to campaign commencement”

Leah Schneider – Senior Global Account Manager, JWT

For more information on our translation services please call us on 020 7517 3550 or request a callback.