voice over

Voice over artists should be genuine professionals who work creatively, are responsive to input from their producer or client and by virtue of experience are quick yet diligent.

We have years of experience matching the right voice to each individual project. We’re also well known in the industry for helping to introduce and train new talent. Recent examples would include Javier Fernandez who joined us with little or no experience and who is now recognized as one of the top Spanish voices in the industry.

Why choose foreign voices?
Our talent is available online with up to date good quality mp3 demos as well as a recent voice over resume and a picture. Most of our talent is available for either London based or ISDN remote recordings. Our basic session fees and usage rates are amongst the most competitive in the industry, in some cases up to £70 per hour cheaper than our direct competition.

You can search a sample of our voiceover artists in each language in the Voiceover Library. It contain mp3s of the voices’ house reels in both their own language and speaking English with a foreign accent. All our foreign voices are regularly updated (please check artist availability before making your shortlist of preferred talent).

For more information on our translation services please call us on 020 7517 3550 or request a callback.